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T H E  N E W  P E E L  R A N G E

What is a chemical peel?

A chemical peel is a skin treatment technique used to treat of skin diseases, using a chemical solution which causes an accelerated renewal of the skin’s cells, causing dead cells to eventually peel off. The new regenerated skin is therefore smoother, lighter and less wrinkled than the old skin and it is also temporarily more sensitive to the sun.  To read more CLICK HERE

CHAELIS ADVANCED AESTHETICS now offers a new range of Toskani peels for various skin conditions and only £50 per treatment:

Mesoshine Peel 

Mesoshine is a superficial peel that removes impurities and boosts skin cellular renewal Mesoshine Peel applied on the face works by exfoliating dead cells off the surface of the skin, the number of blocked pores gets reduced and, therefore, it helps in keeping the skin clean, healthy and with a healthy looking. Very effective to remove skin’s lipidic layer, thus reaching a skin freed from dirt and better oxygenated. It prepares the skin for every cosmetic procedure, improving the absorption of substances applied after. Especially recommended for very sensitive skins which are not used to chemical peelings at body procedures nor on the scalp. 

Mesoshine Peel is designed to: 

Renew the most superficial layers of the skin 

Implements anti-flaccidity action 

Fights against seborrheic dermatitis 

Provides anti-dandruff action 

Photo-ageing Peel

This gentle peel works by eliminating cells on the top layers of the outermost epidermal layer, allowing to reduce hyper-pigmentation on exposed skins and that pose photo-ageing signs. This rapid exfoliation increases the turnover rate of the epidermal cells, resulting in a smoother, brighter skin. Photo-ageing Peel is a unique solution to: 

Lessen visible signs caused by sun damage 

Provide moderate rejuvenating effect 

Fight against mild and moderate wrinkles 

Even skin tone and reduce dyschromia 

▪ Reduce mild to moderate wrinkles 

Dull and sagging skin 


Fenol tca Eraser peel

A chemical abrasion peel to reduce signs of moderate ageing,
acne scars and pigmentation disorders
▪ Correction of seborrhea adipose and acne related disorders
▪ An overwhelming improvement in wrinkles
▪ Renovation of dermis and epidermis
▪ Increase of skin elasticity
▪ Antioxidant effect
▪ Suppression of melanin synthesis
▪ Advanced and severe wrinkles (biological age 45+)
▪ Photo-damaged skin
▪ Pigmentation disorders
▪ Flaccidity
▪ Acne related disorders
▪ Scars and stretch marks

Rejuvenating peel

Rejuvenating Peel is a uniquely tailored specific combination of
Pyruvic Acid and Lactic Acid.
It is designed to lift the stratum corneum without invasive damage to the
underlying viable epidermis. It consists in a safe chemical peel that is
ideal for all skin types. Rejuvenating Peel has been developed to:
▪ Fight against moderate and advanced wrinkles
▪ Provide anti-flaccidity action
▪ Revitalize skin
▪ Minimise dull and sagging skin
▪ Improves de-vitalized skin

Purifying Peel

Purifying Peel is a combination of Salicylic Acid and Azelaic
Acid, which renews the skin by lifting dead cells off the surface
and stimulating the proliferation of cells in the basal layer
underneath, what improves the health of oily and acne-prone skin.

With the application of Purifying Peel you can quickly achieve substantial improvement in the appearance of acne-related disorders. Purifying Peel is ideal to:
▪ Control sebaceous secretion
▪ Reduce dilated pores
▪ Improve cases of acneic couperosis
▪  Minimise Acne and acneic scars
▪ Folliculitis
▪ Hyperkeratosis
▪ Acneic couperose

Radiance peel

Superficial-action chemical peel with an innovative whitening
ingredient. It reaches an even skin tone through the attenuation
of pigmented irregularities.
▪ Implements durable whitening effect
▪ Lessens visible signs caused by sun damage
▪ Provides brightening effect by eliminating superficial dead cells
▪ Fights Chloasma and Melasma
▪ Age spots
▪ Photo-ageing
▪ Solar lentigo

Lactic Peel
One of the gentlest chemical peels is the lactic acid peel. It is an alpha hydroxy acid like glycolic acid, but is much gentler and helps the skin.

Maintain’s its ideal PH factor. Lactic acid peels are recommended for people who have very sensitive skin that might not be able to tolerate the slightly more intense peels.

Lactic Peel exfoliates the surface of the skin while it cleans deeply the po-
res. It stimulates natural collagen production and reduces the intensity of skin Hyper pigmentation. It can brighten and lighten the skin and improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Mandelic Peel
Since the mandelic acid molecules are bigger than the ones of other alfa hydro acids used in chemical peelings, it goes through the skin more slowly and less deeply. Therefore, Mandelic Peel is less harsh and better tolerated by everyone. As a result, there is less overall irritation when compared with other AHAs, which is beneficial for those who have sensitive skin that is prone to inflammation.

Mandelic acid has an antibacterial effect on the skin, which makes it a viable choice for those with acne-prone skin who want to have a chemical peel but are worried about clogged pores and irritation as a result. Mandelic Peel is also a possible choice for those who have never had a chemical peel before and want results that are gentle on the skin.

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