Introducing Chaelis Shadow School

Chaelis Shadow School.

There are plenty of new entrants and some not so new, in our industry who have qualified but lack confidence.
Some even give up, which I think is sad if they have the competence and have spent money on training, stock etc.
Bless ‘em, we’ve all been there with the collywobbles!
I offer a shadow service.
Come to my clinic and bring your own models, limited to six.
You can choose any of the treatments offered on my website, providing they are qualified and insured for that treatment(s) and we work together one to one.
  • Starts at 12 noon, and goes on to 6pm.
  • £325 including lunch and refreshments
  • £450. I go to their clinic within a 60 mile radius of Lowick Kettering NN14 3BH.
  • You need to  provide all your own fillers, toxins and other materials, having checked the suitability.
  • Proof of training and insurance needed.
  • For Toxins, clients (models) must have seen your medic face to face and pharmacy label must have their name printed on it.

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