Dermal Fillers

Dermal FIllers

Dermal filler is a clear hyaluronic acid. (HA) gel that is injected into tissue to soften wrinkles and folds.

It occurs naturally in the body and delivers nutrients, hydrates skin, acts as a cushioning
agent and provides a scaffold to lift folds.

They can be used in facial atrophy, facial sculpting, and skin enhancement. They add volume to
tissue and restore a smoother appearance.

HA filler may last between six months to two years depending upon the individual and the filler

Can be used on the following areas:

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Set Prices

Cheek Augmentation £175.00

Chin Augmentation £175.00

Glabella (“lls” between eyebrows) £200.00

Jawline £400.00

Lips £200.00

Marionette Lines £250.00

Nasolabial folds £300.00

Rhinoplasty £225.00

Tear Troughs £225.00

FILLER REMOVAL £150.00 (mandatory patch test)

Medical Consent Forms:

For each treatment you will be required to complete a medical consent form. See below for available forms.

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