The End of the Debate of Dry Healing V Lotions and Potions – Patented Dry Heal Serum

    This new serum has a low surface tension so the skin quickly absorbs nutrients leaving a fine dry anti-microbial coating.


    • It is not comedogenic.
    • Reduces itching and irritation.
    • Reduces redness.
    • Locks in pigments.
    • Halves the clients usual healing time.
    • Mild anaesthetic.
    • Anti fungal.
    • Anti microbial.
    • Moisturises.
    • Cools.
    • Hydrates.
    • Serum does not drag on application.
    • Locks in moisture.
    • Anti oxidant.
    • Accelerate healing.
    • Balances skin’s Ph.

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