Gift vouchers from Chaelis Clinic

Why clinical director and practitioner Lesley Spencer supports the selling of gift vouchers in aesthetic clinics.

Gifting, of any sort, is most often done with love and consideration towards the person for whom the gift is intended. This applies as much to a gift of an aesthetic treatment as it would do to any other present. As we generally buy presents for those we know and love, it follows that we know and appreciate their likes and dislikes. I am a practitioner first and foremost because I enjoy my job; I appreciate the rapport built with my patients and it’s a great feeling to see, and celebrate, the final results with them. However, I am also in business and therefore must make a profit, and providing an extra point of sale through a gift voucher is a way to increase that, which is why I choose to use gift vouchers in my clinic.

Gift vouchers

Although I support the use of gift vouchers, I will never issue them for specific treatments. Instead, they can be used against a treatment of the patient’s choice, which can be decided during a free consultation. For example, someone may gift a patient £50 to use in my clinic. Then, when the patient books in for a consultation, we will decide what treatment to perform, based on their concerns, and the voucher will be used against the overall cost. This ensures that the patient does not feel under pressure to book in for a ‘lip filler treatment’, just because they have money-off that specific treatment.

Client consultation

The patient consultation is a prime opportunity to speak one-to-one with the recipient of the gift voucher, to ensure the procedure/treatment is something the patient definitely wants and isn’t something they have been pressured into having by the buyer of the gift voucher.

In summary

In aesthetics, people should, after professional consultation, be free to make a responsible and informed choice that will make them happy. By gifting vouchers for a range of treatments and procedures, patients are presented with that opportunity, which is why I believe they are a great tool for any aesthetic clinic.

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