Mesoshine:   A “minor” peel for stretch marks, scars, skin flaccidity, sebhorreic dermatitis.

Purifying:   A superb peel for acne related disorders.

Photoageing:  Fine lines. Roughened and dryer skins. Lessens sun-damage.

Rejuvenating: Mild to moderate wrinkles. Skin ageing. Signs of acne and keratosis.

Fenol:  A very deep peel. Advanced/severe wrinkles. Photo aging. Pigmentation.

Radiance:  Visible photo ageing. Pigmentation. Unifies skin tone.

Mandelic Fitzpatrick iv and v.: Irregular pigmentation. Inflammatory acne.

Lactic Hyperpigmentation: Chronological ageing. Suitable for dry sensitive fine skin.

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