Toskani Meso Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

These cocktails have been specially formulated to aid in skin rejuvenation.  Special cocktails can be specifically tailored to client’s needs.

Meso Glow
Client Profile: Age 20-40
Male and Female


  • Firming

  • Hydrating

  • Revitalises dehydrated skin

  • Immediate radiance and hydration

  • Improves elasticity, skin tone and tightening

  • Nutritive revitalising complex acts deeply within the skin due to bio identical composition

  • Increases collagen

Meso Regen
Client Profile: Age 40-80
Male and Female


  • Repairs damaged skin

  • Powerful moisturising

  • Restructuring and revitalising

  • Helps reduce wrinkles

  • Reduces eyebags, dark circles, crows’ feet and puffiness

  • Increases collagen

Meso Melasma
Age Spots
All Ages


  • Increases skin lightening

  • Reduces medium to deep melasma

  • Helps repair chronological (age) damage

  • Helps repair photo ageing (sun damage etc.)

  • Helps revitalize damaged skin

Meso Rosacea
Any Age


  • Helps diminish signs of rosacea

  • Reduces effects of photo-ageing

  • Aids dehydrated skin

  • Poly- revitalising

Meso Acne Inflammation


  • Diminish acne

  • Balance skin ormone

  • Balance skin oil

  • Helps diminish acne scars

This treatment contains RCPR, which is similar to NCPR but is formulated for acne.

TKN HA-3 Biorevitaliser


  • Skin condition improvement

  • Skin regains elasticity

  • Skin has a healthy glow

  • Results in a younger-looking skin

Biorevitalisation offers a miracle solution for ageing concerns.


Toskani Meso Skin
Microneedling Every 2 weeks for 8 weeks
£125 per session

To include PRP/lprf
add £275

To include eye area
add £75.00

TKN HA-3 Biorevitaliser

Meso Treatment:  Microneedling/Injection

Most Meso treatments contain NCPR, a total of 49 Amino Acids, Nucleic Acids, Vitamins, Minerals, Co-enzymes, Reducing agents and Hyaluronic Acid. Home care products can be ordered to suit client’s needs

Microneedling – Every 2 weeks for 8 weeks.

Injection – Every week for 8 weeks.

Recommended for best results – Skin peel every 2 weeks.

Maintenance – Client dependent.

Downtime – None

Recovery – Some redness. Microneedling 24/48 hours

General advice – Use SPF 30 – 50 daily. All seasons.


Advisory  – Blood thinning therapy.

Absolute – Pregnancy.

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