Skin Analyser Study

Skin Analyser Study

Facial analysis study.

Skin Analyser Study – Using the latest technology our facial analysis scanner visually breaks down the layers of skin and gives three dimensional digital images from the surface of the skin to the underlying layers.

From this we can quantitively analyse your skin’s condition and report on the best course of treatment for you.

Non-invasive procedure.

This is a totally non-invasive procedure utilising white, blue, red, brown, ultraviolet,
and white light, normal and cross polarised platforms in both positive and negative formats.

When we have analysed the results, we can forward to you a dedicated skin care regime to take care of your skin’s needs, and forward plan for any foreseeable problems that may arise.

We can report on four major problem skins, quantified by fourteen indicators. There are three major indicators to predict your skin’s status for future aging, and skin condition predictions.


For analysis and report £100.00

We offer a £25 voucher if you elect to take up any of our non-surgical treatments as a result of our report.

Medical Consent Form

  • Treatment time 15 minutes.
  • There are no contra-indications.
  • There is no down time.
  • Please arrive at the clinic with a totally make-up free and cleansed skin.

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