Toskani Meso Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

Toskani Meso Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

These cocktails have been specially formulated to aid in skin rejuvenation.  Special cocktails can be specifically tailored to client’s needs.

Meso Glow
Client Profile: Age 20-40
Male and Female


  • Firming
  • Hydrating
  • Revitalises dehydrated skin
  • Immediate radiance and hydration
  • Improves elasticity, skin tone and tightening
  • Nutritive revitalising complex acts deeply within the skin due to bio identical composition
  • Increases collagen

Meso Regen
Client Profile: Age 40-80
Male and Female


  • Repairs damaged skin
  • Powerful moisturising
  • Restructuring and revitalising
  • Helps reduce wrinkles
  • Reduces eyebags, dark circles, crows’ feet and puffiness
  • Increases collagen

Meso Melasma
Age Spots
All Ages


  • Increases skin lightening
  • Reduces medium to deep melasma
  • Helps repair chronological (age) damage
  • Helps repair photo ageing (sun damage etc.)
  • Helps revitalize damaged skin

Meso Rosacea
Any Age


  • Helps diminish signs of rosacea
  • Reduces effects of photo-ageing
  • Aids dehydrated skin
  • Poly-revitalising

Meso Acne Inflammation


  • Diminish acne
  • Balances skin hormones
  • Balances skin oils
  • Helps diminish acne scars

This treatment contains RCPR, which is similar to NCPR but is formulated for acne.

TKN HA-3 Biorevitaliser


  • Skin condition improvement
  • Skin regains elasticity
  • Skin has a healthy glow
  • Results in a younger-looking skin

Bio-revitalisation offers a miracle solution for ageing concerns.


Toskani Meso Skin
Microneedling Every 2 weeks for 8 weeks
£125 per session

To include PRP/iPRF
add £275

To include eye area
add £75.00

TKN HA-3 Bio-revitaliser

Medical Consent Form

For each treatment you will be required to complete a medical consent form. Click below to download WORD DOC, complete and email to lesley@chaelis.co.uk

Meso Treatment:  Microneedling/Injection

Most Meso treatments contain NCPR, a total of 49 Amino Acids, Nucleic Acids, Vitamins, Minerals, Co-enzymes, Reducing agents and Hyaluronic Acid. Home care products can be ordered to suit client’s needs

Microneedling – Every 2 weeks for 8 weeks.

Injection – Every week for 8 weeks.

Recommended for best results – Skin peel every 2 weeks.

Maintenance – Client dependent.

Downtime – None

Recovery – Some redness. Microneedling 24/48 hours

General advice – Use SPF 30 – 50 daily. All seasons.


Advisory  – Blood thinning therapy.

Absolute – Pregnancy.

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