Radio Frequency MicroNeedling

Radio Frequency Microneedling

The target for radio frequency microneedling treatment is just below the skins surface and can be used anywhere on the body.


Choosing a specific needle configuration, (nano, 10 pin, 25 pin, and 64 pin) selecting the correct penetration depth for the area treated (0.2 – 3.5 mm) together with the correct RF setting, gives precise control.

These two combined lift, firm and tighten skin, form neocollagensis and production of elastin. Add to this the use of serums , PRP or PRF and you have the perfect antidote to tired and aging skin.

There is also the latest generation peel BioRepeel, which can be used with this system. BioRepeel, on its own can be used on all Fitzpatrick scales, from porcelain to the darkest skins.


Face, neck, jawline, decolletage, eyes.

Plus Toskani serum £300.00 per area

With iPRF add £150.00

Stretch marks POA

Medical Consent Form:


Lines and wrinkles


Collagen stimulation

Fibroblast action



Dermal re-modelling

Cleansing and reduction of pores

Freshens dull skin.

Side effects:

Transient redness.


Very slight pin prick bleeding (depending on ski thickness and depth of needle.)

May cause very small scab formation

BE careful if:

Blood thinners





Blood thinners

Skin infections

Active acne

Haemorrhagic illnesses

Treatment time
Around 30 mins depending on area
With PRP or PRF 1.5 hours.
Treatment course 3-12 sessions (Client dependent) one month apart.

Post treatment.
Keep area dry for 24 hours
Make-up free for 24 hours
Avoid heavy exercise for 24 hours
Avoid sunbeds for one week.
Wear SPF50

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