Introducing you to the world of aesthetics with Grace; Chaelis Advanced Aesthetics new info avatar

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Hi there, my name is Grace, and I’m chaelis Advanced Aesthetics new info avatar.

My job is to introduce you to the amazing world of non-surgical treatments, commonly known as ‘aesthetics’.

Chaelis Advanced Aesthetics clinic is located in the beautiful Northamptonshire village of Lowick, a perfect location for those who have a preference for discretion.

Lesley Spencer, owner and advanced aesthetics practitioner, has worked in the field of aesthetics since the early 90s, and during this time, amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience. Lesley still attends training courses to keep up to date in all the very latest techniques and treatments.

Although the clinic is not open due to the lockdown, you can still book your free online consultation. This is your opportunity to ask Lesley anything about treatments, times, pain, costs etc, to decide on the best treatment. Afterwhich, you have some time to consider your options before making the treatment appointment.

So, if you’re considering a non surgical treatment, even if it’s just to vanish a wrinkle or two, choosing Chaelis Advanced Aesthetics, is the Trusted Choice. When you get a moment, check out some comments on the client feeback page of our website. For those of you who never considered a skin rejuvenation or enhancement yet, then take a look at the many before and after photographs and videos on the Chaelis website.

Finally, to all of Lesley’s lovely clients, she sends her love and hopes to see you once the lockdown is lifted.

We have now come to the end of this presentation, I hope it was informative. To access the word version, simply go to the news page on our website. All the links you need are in the text part of this presentation.

So, on behalf of Lesley and myself , take care. Stay safe, and thanks for watching.

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